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New Partnership

Design Precinct is pleased to announce the inclusion of prestigious Vola in our bathroomware showcase. A number of our displays in our Richmond showroom now prominently feature Vola products.

Design Integrity

Sleek elegant lines and minimalist geometry made the original Vola mixer tap an instant classic. Celebrated designer Arne Jacobson's vision was so clear that the exact same design is still in production, unchanged since 1968.

Not only is Vola the creator of the original modern mixer tap but their contemporary product range continues to be informed by the pure geometric forms championed by Arne Jacobsen and Verner Overgaard.

The company’s unrivalled mix of modern technology and modular design integrates water into architecture with understated simplicity.

Leading designers and architects continue to rely on Vola's commitment to peerless quality and environmental standards to deliver beautiful uncompromising spaces.

Flexible Expression

The beauty of VOLA is the flexibility of it's modular interchangeability. The original designs have been greatly expanded over the decades, with an almost infinite variety of valves, handles, plates and accessories. Designers have unparalleled flexibility to combine form and function into the perfect expression of their clients' needs.

The vola range is available in a wide range of finishes, from sleek, brushed stainless steel to warm, natural brass. Together with 14 vibrant colours, Vola products can be customised to enhance any space whilst maintaining a minimalist design integrity.

Brand URL : https://en.vola.com/catalog/
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