Concept 1
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Concept 1 is to conceive space with unity of form and style, using technical solutions that maintain aesthetic continuity through the environments and their multiplicity of uses, indoors, outdoors, on walls and furniture, in short: all in one. A unique ceramic range designed for every type of application, with a variety of colours and surfaces that can always be combined in an exclusive and personal way. A resistant, eclectic porcelain stoneware in natural and homogeneous shades, with 5 colours, 5 different surfaces and 3 thicknesses.

Sizes: 6mm - 1200x2500mm
6mm , 12mm - 1200x1200, 600x1200, 600x600, 300x600mm

Milk, Stone, Ash, Land, Ink

Please enquire about various sizes and  more decorative finishes available.
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