Eny Shelf
ArtisanArtisan eny-shelf

Collection: Eny
Designers: Arteco by Artisan

Dimensions: H 200, 160, 120 cm x W 100, 90, 50 cm x D 44 cm

A new design by Arteco to complement other distinct shelving systems produced by Artisan. Available in 6 different types of wood, European oak, walnut, maple, elm, cherry, and pear, with various natural finishes, oils, and soap.

ARTECO Wood Technology Center is the driving force and unique technological center for the wood-processing industry in Bosnia. ARTECO provides infrastructure and expertise in design, prototype production, works with state-of-the-art CAD machinery, woodwork machinery, product finishing and preparation, raw material drying and facilitating the export of final wood-processing products.
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