Fluxus Light
SicisSicis Fluxus-Sicis-Light


Fluxus Light Wallpaper From Inediti Series One

Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers are designed for indoor dry applications and wet areas. In this first Inediti series, Inkiostro Bianco have presented their best and most popular feedback and requests, reimagined as a lively modern range of contemporary wallpaper murals. From geometrics to organics, all tastes and moods are represented for the discerning designer and client.

Inediti is a new concept that Inkiostro Bianco would like to unveil: the beating heart of their brand, the creative service available to anyone who wants to combine positive energy, design and style within their rooms in an original way.

Inkiostro Bianco wallpapers originate from the everyday work of creative minds, who blend the ability to satisfy the wishes of the customers with the style of the brand and with the passion for design. The result includes exclusive creations responding to the customisation requests collected throughout the years. Unique designs that Inkiostro Bianco now wants to unveil so that everyone can be inspired and travel with the mind towards unexplored worlds evoked by each design.

These wallpapers are made to order for your project. Once we submit your surface dimensions, Inkiostro Bianco provide a digital mockup of the design you like, sized to fit your space. Once you approve the layout and pay your deposit, Inkiostro Bianco will print and airfrieght the wallpaper on the substrate specified with all the glues and/or coatings needed by your installer.

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