Porcelain Benchtop 12mm
GigacerGigacer Concrete-Gigacer-12mm-Benchtop


Gigacer 12mm Through Body Porcelain Concrete Design Counter Benchtop

A through body 12mm, 2.5x1.2m porcelain slab for use as kitchen benchtop or counter top. Available in a range of warm and cool colours with a matt concrete stoneware finish. Edges can be pre-profiled in the factory

Porcelain is a vitreous product meaning that the particles have been fused from being melted together (at 1300°C). This is why it has very low porosity and out performs most natural stones and concrete in kitchen and bathroom applications. Porcelain is heat resistant and highly inert. The "Through Body" feature of this benchtop version means that the whole buiscuit of the porcelain panel base has been coloured liked the surface.

GIGACER production process uses Continua technology to from homogeneous multilayer large porcelain slabs that afterwards can be cut in many other sub-sizes and worked again to get different finishes, preserving their quality and aesthetic features.

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