Heated Towel Rails

Saturn E Moon
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Saturn & Moon. A highly sculptural piece of Zen minimalism that is calm, contemplative and relaxing.

Saturn features a towel holder handle (Saturn’s ring).
When the towel holder is removed from Moon, it fits perfectly into any environment.

Saturn & Moon features a totally hidden system connection, which is also easily accessible, thanks to the special attachment that allows the radiator to be raised, offering immediate access to the valve and holder. The sphere-shaped surface of Saturn & Moon captures light from the environment and softens the borders of the radiator like the halos at the beginning and the end of the eclipse. Saturn & Moon radiators are perfect for any environment, including homes, hotels, restaurants, cafés, clubs and bars. They can be placed in corridors, airports, on board yachts and cruise ships, as well as in the tiniest bathrooms.

Heating System: Electric or Hydronic available

Comes in various sizes and in more than 200 colours.

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