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Vu is made out of steel plate and is cut to shape by laser, creating a dynamic and expressive design that interprets the shape of flames. The water, that flows through the tubes to which the plate is attached and the fire, are the elements that inspired its fluent and dynamic design, evoking images of a flowing flame. Vu is a heating system that suits the modern life-style and is an innovative solution as a replacement for classic wall mounted radiators. Its design is not only practical, but it also satisfies the modern criteria of having an artistic, sculptural and sophisticated image. This makes Vu particularly versatile and suitable to placed giving both style and ambience to a room.

Designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, Vu is thought of as an aesthetic feature to a living room or bathroom, where it could also perform the function of a bathrobe warmer. Vu is available in single or with addition elements attached according to the heating output requirements. Made from stainless steel, Vu I white as standard as well as over 200 colour finish options.
Dimension of one element: h 168 cm w 27.5 cm.

Heating System: Electric or Hydronic available

Comes in various sizes and in more than 200 colours.

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